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OVH Public Cloud instances — get started in less than a minute!
Now is the perfect time to launch a new Public Cloud project in the UK, Germany or Poland. Simply select your preferred instance from the Public Cloud webpage, then go to your Control Panel to deploy your instances!

Why choose an Enterprise Dedicated Server?
This range includes powerful models for professional usage, which are perfect for hosting your web applications or consolidating your virtual environments. As a result, you’ll get high computing power, and multithreading that reaches up to 28c/56t per server!

Game Servers near you!
OVH now offers game dedicated servers in even more regions.
Snap up our best-selling MC-32 server from one of our datacentres in Canada, France, Poland or the UK.

Premium Customisable Servers in London
Servers in our HG range are specifically designed for critical applications and intensive data processing, such as high-performance computing, Big Data or machine learning.

Meet OVH at Cloud Expo Europe
We are excited to be a multi-cloud sponsor at Cloud Expo Europe on March 21-22! Come talk with us us at booth C2053 to learn more about our cloud solutions!

The Open Cloud Foundation
«The challenges of the cloud, as the hidden face of digital services, should be made known to European citizens». The issue of data has become a crucial challenge when it comes to safeguarding digital sovereignty in Europe. Discover OVH's stance.
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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