OVH Dedicated server prices to go up by 20% new and existing customers

At OVH we are committed to remaining competitive in both our prices and product ranges. While we have postponed action for as long as possible, economic changes following the Brexit decision have forced us to re-evaluate our pricing.

Back in June the UK decided to leave the European Union which caused the UK economy to rock and weakened the British pound against the Euro/Dollar. This impacted many businesses across the UK and in OVH’s case it triggered a price increase from our suppliers which we have absorbed over the past few months.

In response, OVH has had to carefully review its pricing structure across certain product ranges. As expected, following our in-depth review we have had to increase our Dedicated Server prices by 20%. We are in the process of updating our website to reflect this change today (Thursday the 15th of December). At the moment the new pricing only affects new customers and new orders. In contrast, as a valued existing customer, these changes will not be applied to your existing servers until your 15th of January 2017 invoice.

Thank you for your understanding and continued trust in OVH. Hiren Parekh,
Director, Sales & Marketing
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