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Here’s What’s New
We’ve been busy building better ways to help you deploy and manage your Droplets at scale. We’re excited to share some recent improvements you might have missed!

UI Improvements
“Multiple Droplet Create” feature
We spend a lot of time trying to understand how users interact with our control panel and we’ve noticed that spinning up multiple Droplets can be a tedious task. So we’ve made it easier for you to scale your infrastructure by launching up to 10 Droplets in just a few clicks (or a simple API call).
Control Panel Improvements
Our product design team has been shipping iterative improvements to the control panel. Recent updates include:
  • Improved notifications
  • Enable backups for active Droplets
  • More intuitive graphs
  • New window for the web console
If you haven’t seen it in a while, check out the updates to your control panel.

Droplet tagging via the API
Another problem we’ve been tackling is the management of large numbers of Droplets. A first step is extending our API to support Droplet tagging. Tagging, combined with configuration management tools like Chef, Puppet, Salt, and Ansible, can offer a powerful mechanism for inventorying and automating your systems.

New Command Line Interface (CLI)
As developers ourselves, we spend a lot of time on the command line. That’s why we’ve introduced doctl, a command line interface for managing all of your DigitalOcean resources. It is completely open source and available on GitHub. We’re excited to be able to share this with our community and look forward to collaborating on building a tool we hope you’ll love.

Block storage
We’ve been working on a block storage service that allows users to attach expandable storage to your Droplet. It will be available to all this summer, but you can request beta access now.
New datacenter

Our first datacenter in India — BLR1 — is coming soon to Bangalore.
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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