Start Direct CAB

Стремительный рост и непредсказуемость делают планирование для ИТ-инфраструктуры трудным для предприятий, поэтому мы ввели Start Direct CAB

Flexible power options
Each cabinet supports high-density configurations, which means that you never have to settle for a deployment that is not optimal for your business. Start Direct Cabinet offers cabinet densities from 3.68kW and higher. Whether you need 1- or 3- Phase, your cabinet colocation is covered with us.

What is included?
  • Start by choosing the amount of 54U (1200mm deep x 600mm wide) cabinets and power you require: 3.68-7kW;
  • Add the services you need (internet feed, cross connects, remote hands, etcetera);
  • Choose your preferred start date;
  • Install and go!
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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