Instant Windows VPS - Up to 33% OFF

We’ve upgraded our servers from Dual 6 Core to Dual 10 processorsdoubling the memory on all of our plans.

We’re adding more sustenance to our offering.
If you’re hungry to get a seat at the Cheap Windows VPS table we’re offering up to a 33% discount!

What’s new on our new menu?
  • We have Windows 7 Enterprise (x64) and Windows 10 Professional (x64) operating systems available.
  • We’ve also speeded up our delivery – you will have access to faster CPU’s.
  • Launching Windows VPS Reseller Pools allow you to start/stop/build/destroy VPS containers and resell our services to your clients with ease.
  • A brand spanking new user friendly website
  • Blazing fast uplinks
  • What are you waiting for? ORDER NOW
The complete revamp of our website and upgrade of our servers was critical in order to bring you a higher level of service. In the past we had challenges with maintaining resource abuse on our shared nodes and we deeply regret the inconvenience it caused some of you. We listened to your concerns and went to work to deliver a superior product to exceed your expectations. Our upgraded servers are now monitored 24/7 for load spikes. We constantly increase memory capacity on everything to handle the load. We know you are going to love our upgrades!

We look forward to serving you.
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