Adds Visa and Mastercard Payment Options

CheapWindowsVPS Now Accepts Visa and MasterCard

CheapWindowsVPS is proud announce that we have partnered with Stripe. Instead of having to rely on PayPal to process credit card payments, CheapWindowsVPS is now able to process credit card numbers directly from within our billing software. We've added this service as a way to give you additional options when it is time for you to pay your VPS invoice.

Stripe Helps Us Help You!
By implementing Stripe, we believe that we can provide a better overall experience to our loyal customers by giving them an easier way method to pay by credit card. Our new customers will also have the ability to complete their transactions utilizing the Stripe payment gateway. CheapWindowsVPS's flexible payment options set it apart from other providers who offer more restricted payment options.

Our Number 1 Priority: A World Class VPS Experience
Delivering a world class VPS experience is our number 1 priority. By providing our clients with a vast array of payments methods, we ensure that CheapWindowsVPS is properly positioned to become one of the leading Windows VPS services online.

We understand that factors such as your geographic location, business model and existing infrastructure largely dictate your preferred payment method. By accepting all forms of popular online payment methods, CheapWindowsVPS allows any person or business to build a customized VPS in a data center of their choice starting at only $10 per month.

Why Stripe?
Stripe is a credit card payment processor that securely and rapidly processes payments from any major credit card. By utilizing Stripe, we have provided an additional layer of security when you pay your invoice with CheapWindowsVPS. Since Stripe is one of the most popular credit card processors for online merchants, we felt that our Stripe implementation would give CheapWindowsVPS's customers additional peace of mind when they pay their invoices.

Can I Change My Payment Method to Use My Credit Card?
Of course you can! Just login to your CheapWindowsVPS billing panel and view your current billing details. You will be presented with the choice to change your change your billing methods. You may also wait until your invoice is generated and choose the Credit Card method when completing your payment.
Refer Your Friends
CheapWindowsVPS accepts all major credit cards, PayPal, AliPay and Bitcoin! Tell your friends that CheapWindowsVPS about this news on social media. We encourage you to post your positive reviews of CheapWindowsVPS on social media in the form of tweets or posts on your Facebook. We really appreciate your patronage at CheapWindowsVPS!

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