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Flash sale! Low Low Prices on .Website, .Online, .Net and Many More

Flash Sale on New TLDs until midnight on Thursday!
Forget Cyber Monday, we are kicking things off early with a flash sale on some of the hottest new TLDs. Until Thursday this week (26th) we are offering .Website, .Space and .Site domains for just 99 cents, with .Online and .Tech for just $4.99*. That is a huge saving!

The savings don’t stop on Thursday; we are discounting all these TLDs, plus .Host, .Press and .PW until the end of February next year!

Notice: Important changes to our payment options starting Monday 19th of October 2015

We write to inform you of some important changes to how we take payment on our site that will start to take effect from Monday the 19th of October.

From Monday, we will introduce a new payment option via the Payment gateway provider "WorldPay"; this provider will be our main payment gateway for payments via debit or credit card going forward.

Additionally, we are in the process of setting up a US based merchant account through Worldpay so that debit/credit card payments from within the US will not incur foreign transaction fees, as they currently do. Please note that this is still in process, we therefore ask that customers in the US wishing to pay by debit/credit card continue to do so through the Emancipation Media Paypal option.

Once we have setup the US based merchant account the Emancipation Media Paypal option will no longer appear and all standard debit/credit card payments can be processed via Worldpay. At that time we will also introduce a direct Paypal option for Paypal payments.

Due to a lack of customer demand we will also be removing the Payza payment option at this time.

These changes are being made in order to make our payment processing services simpler to use and to allow for the Auto-Renewal of domains for those customers paying via the Worldpay payment option.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Yours truly,
The Internet.bs team

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Exchange rate changes effective March 10, 2015

Please take note that due to recent foreign exchange rate fluctuations it has become necessary for us to review our currently set exchange rates.

The base price for each TLD remains unchanged; we have only updated our exchange rates to reflect the current market rates. Therefore some TLDs will become cheaper and others more expensive depending on your chosen payment currency.
For example, as .com is a TLD billed to us in USD, all orders for .com placed in EUR or GBP for .com domains are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may change; the price in USD will remain the same. For the .eu and .it TLDs which are billed to us in EUR, all orders placed in USD or GBP for these TLDs are subject to exchange rate fluctuations and may change.

These exchange rate updates will take effect from March 10th 2015. Please follow this link to review the changes: internetbs.net/new-prices.html

We regret having to make any changes that have an effect on our customers, but from time to time we will need to make adjustments to our exchange rates. We will always notify you in advance ahead of any changes. If you have any questions about the updated exchange rates, please contact customer support.

Warm Regards,
Internet.bs team