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Dedibox is now Available in Amsterdam

Two months ago, we silently introduced our first facility outside of France in Amsterdam with limited stocks. The demand for AMS1 was huge and we were out of stock in a week.

Today, we are excited to announce that the Dedibox SC 2016 and Dedibox XC 2016 are in stock and available in mass production in the AMS1 datacenter.

Starting today you can deploy your servers at AMS1 and enjoy better latencies to north europe. We already have 240Gbit/s of network connectivity deployed at AMS1 and we're counting!

The Amsterdam datacenter is available directly from the Online control panel for all users. When ordering your server, simply select the AMS1 region.
At the moment, we are offering Amsterdam deployment for Dedibox SC 2016 and Dedibox XC 2016.
All additional features including RPN, unmetered bandwidth, DDOS protection, additional IPs are available and ready to be used in our new region!

Our pricing is the same across all locations. You can deploy in the region of your choice with the same unique price:


The Dedibox Classic 2016 is here! 2x250GB SSDs, 32 GB RAM & much more

We are really excited to announce that the new Dedibox Classic 2016 is available starting today!

The Dedibox Classic has been a huge success since its launch in 2006. There is a really huge demand for the Classic since its creation and we're always working hard to maintain an ultra competitive performance/price ratio, €29.99/month.
The 2016's generation now ships with 2x250GB SSD disks, forget the HDDs of the previous generation and enjoy an incredible IOPS performance rate!

We chose Intel® Xeon® D-1531 server-grade processors which come with 6 cores, 12 threads at a frequency of 2,2GHz.
They replace the Intel® Xeon® 1230 of the previous generation.

We are the only company in the world to offer Intel® Xeon® D processors for under €29.99/month.

Each server comes with an IPv4 address, a /48 IPv6 block and a premium bandwidth of 300 Mbit/s connectivity into our core network, which itself now has an aggregate bandwidth of 1500Gbps.
We also upgraded the RAM, from 8GB to 32GB: it's four times bigger for the same price.

A large choice of operating systems is available directly via the Online Installer: CentOS, Debian, Plesk, Ubuntu, Plesk, CPanel, CoreOS, FreeBSD, etc. So you can get your server up and running in a few minutes.

Get your Dedibox Classic 2016 now!