Important note about the security flaw impacting ARM & Intel hardware

Several days ago, we became aware of a security vulnerability impacting x86 and more recently ARM processors used by Scaleway and other cloud providers.

While trying to get a solution to address this vulnerability as fast as possible, we faced communication issues with Intel which was deliberately restricting & filtering the information about the bug.

Due to the criticality of this bug, our Security team proactively took the decision to perform a major security update on all our hypervisors (ARM & X64).

We will perform a security update tomorrow of all impacted hypervisors and will need to reboot servers running on top of them.
A maintenance window has been scheduled between the 01/04/18, starting at 7am UTC and the 01/06/18, ending at 7am UTC.

During this maintenance, servers running on top of impacted hypervisors will be unavailable for a few minutes during the reboot phase.
We will reboot cluster one at a time to limit downtime on your infrastructure.

We sincerely apologize for the short delay of this notice, we believe security and privacy is crucial on cloud platforms and we decided today to trade some availability in favor of security.
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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