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New Dedicated Root Servers

New Dedicated Root Servers ++ Free Robot Features ++ Hetzner Tekktalk

1. New Dedicated Root Servers
The new EX61/EX61-NVMe Dedicated Root Servers
We have introduced two new dedicated root servers to our EX line, the EX61 and EX61-NVMe. Both are based on Intel Core™ i7-8700 «Coffee Lake» CPUs with 6 kernels (12 threads), including Hyper-Threading Technology and they are also mounted with 64 GB DDR4 RAM. The EX61 provides ample storage with its twin 6 TB SATA HDDs, while the EX61-NVMe is great for any customer who has a need for speed with its twin 512 GB NVMe SSDs.

Both models cost a mere €59.00 a month plus a one-time setup fee of €119.00.
For more information, go to an overview of all our EX server models at:
Prices excl. VAT.

2. Robot Features
DNS Robot and Domain Registration Robot are now free
Recently, we made our DNS Robot a permanent part of the Robot administration interface. That means that you no longer need to order and pay for the DNS Robot before you can use it. All Robot customers can now access it for free simply by going to «Main functions; DNS entries» on Robot. The prices for the individual DNS entries have remained the same.

In addition to this good news, there is no longer any setup fee for using Domain Registration Robot. This applies to all customers. All you need to do is order it via our website or Robot.

For more information, please see:

3. Total external bandwidth
Total external bandwidth increased to 2.76 Tbit/s
Customers at Hetzner Online profit from our constant endeavors to increase our total external bandwidth. The following upstreams have either become operational or have increased:

Private Peerings:
  • 200G Facebook
  • 10G Dropbox
  • 10G GlobalCloudXchange
For an overview of all peering points, transits, and private peerings, please see:

4. Hetzner Cloud
Some reactions from social media
The new Hetzner Cloud is off to a great start. We've been receiving a lot of feedback for it on our various social media channels, including comments from IT celebrity Rasmus Lerdorf, the founder of PHP. Here's a sample of just some of the reactions:

Follow us on Twitter @Hetzner_Online or on Facebook to give us valuable feedback or get information about new features.

5. Hetzner #Tekktalk
Video podcast «Hetzner #Tekktalk»: The new Hetzner Cloud!
In our latest episode of our video podcast «Hetzner #Tekktalk», Product Manager Markus Schade gives a brief overview of the hardware and features for the Hetzner Cloud.
To watch this episode, go here:
You can find more videos about Hetzner Online on our YouTube channel:

Hetzner Online Newsletter February 2018

Hetzner Online:
  • NEW: Hetzner Cloud
  • Price drop for traffic over-usage
  • Total external bandwidth increased

1. Hetzner Cloud
Hetzner Cloud's successful launch!
On 23 January 2018, we successfully launched all five of our Hetzner Cloud products to the world's web hosting market. Hetzner Cloud stands out from other cloud products with its amazing price-to-performance ratio. Our speedy and intuitive Cloud Console interface makes using the Hetzner Cloud a pleasure.

The entry-level model, the CX11, costs a mere €2.49 a month and includes 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD and 20 TB of traffic. An overview of the complete Hetzner Cloud line-up is available at cloud.hetzner.com.

We have been very pleased with the reception for the Hetzner Cloud and would be thrilled to have you join in the fun. You can get an insider's view on Twitter of our operations at Hetzner Online and find news about Hetzner Cloud updates: twitter.com/hetzner_online
Price excl. VAT.

2. Traffic
Decrease in price for traffic over-usage
To coincide with the Cloud launch, we at Hetzner Online permanently dropped our traffic over-usage price to only €1.00 for each additional TB!
This new price applies to all Hetzner Online products, and long-time customers will benefit from it, too.
For further information on traffic, please see:
Price excl. VAT.

3. Drive upgrades
Drive upgrades for managed servers
Starting now, you can choose to replace the HDDs or SSDs in your managed server for an additional fee. We will perform a 1:1 transfer of the data from your old drive. The server will continue to run as normal after we have upgraded the drives without the need for a completely new setup.
For a full overview of prices, please see «Optional Features; Drive upgrade» at: www.hetzner.com/managed-server

4. New images
Arch Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu
Starting now, you find a completely new Arch Linux image, an updated version of Debian, and an improved version of Ubuntu for your dedicated root server or vServer. You can use the installimage script on the Robot administration interface to install the new versions.

Arch Linux is a flexible distribution and allows customers to easily make adjustments to fit their own specific requirements. Thanks to Arch Linux's rolling release model, there is always current software availabe to its users. For more information, please go to www.archlinux.org

Debian has been upgraded to versions 8.10 and 9.3. These new versions are not a completely new Debian, but rather are minor updates designed to address security loopholes and minor issues.

Ubuntu 17.10 builds upon Linux kernel 4.13 and includes support until July 2018. This release includes updates for packages, applications, and software of all kinds.

In addition to updates for virtualization software and cloud-init, ifupdown has been replaced by netplan with Ubuntu 17.10:

For further information on Ubuntu 17.10, please see:

5. Total external bandwidth
Total external bandwidth increased to 2.65 Tbit/s
Customers at Hetzner Online profit from our constant endeavors to increase our total external bandwidth. The following upstreams have recently been increased or have become operational:
Transit: 200G NTT
Peering Points: 20G FICIX
For an overview of all peering points, transits, and private peerings, please see: www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/rechenzentrum/

Получи много облака за малые деньги. Hetzner Online отрывает новые горизонты в облачном хостинге.

Сегодня Hetzner Online официально запускает на мировой рынок 5 различных облачных пакетов. Все пять моделей Hetzner Cloud укомплектованы NVMe SSD и процессорами Intel Skylake Xeon, дающими невероятную производительность. На выбор доступно локальное или сетевое хранилище (NVMe SSD RAID или Ceph).

Биллинг Hetzner Cloud гибок и прозрачен. Нет минимального срока аренды. Счет за сервер не может быть больше месячной цены, а если сервер использовался меньше месяца, то будет применена цена за час. Биллинг Hetzner Online автоматически выберет меньшую из двух опций.

Гибкие опции оплаты Hetzner Cloud делают его идеальным решением для большого числа ИТ-проектов, а разнообразные пакеты предоставляют необходимые ресурсы, соответствующие вашим потребностям.

Модель начального уровня CX11 стоит всего 2,94 € в месяц и содержит 1 процессор, 2 ГБ оперативной памяти, 20 ГБ SSD, а также 20 ТБ трафика. Трафик можно докупить всего за 1,18 € за ТБ.

Самая мощная модель CX51 содержит 8 ядер процессора, 32 ГБ оперативной памяти и 240 ГБ SSD. CX51 имеет очень доступную цену в размере 35,28 € в месяц.

При помощи панели управления Cloud Console вы можете создавать новые серверы и запускать их менее чем за десять секунд. Cloud Console предоставляет возможность добавления членов команды и назначения ролей, что делает Cloud Console идеальным инструментом для управления большими командными проектами. Опционально, за небольшую плату, доступны плавающие IP, а также создание снимков и резервных копий.

В Cloud Console удобно расположены графические инструменты для мониторинга в реальном времени производительности процессора, дисков и сети.

Другие дополнительные функции упрощают автоматизацию управления облачной инфраструктурой. В Cloud Console есть REST-API и консольная утилита для разработчиков. Для быстрого старта мы подготовили подробную документацию с примерами.

Все облачные серверы функционируют в наших собственных дата-центрах в Германии. Дата-центры сертифицированы по ISO 27001 и соответствуют строгим немецким требованиям по защите данных.

Обзор всех продуктов Hetzner Cloud доступен на

Spectre and Meltdown


Current Generation
  • EX-Line
  • EX41
  • EX41-SSD
  • EX41S
  • EX41S-SSD
  • EX51
  • EX51-SSD
  • EX51-SSD-GPU
  • PX-Line
  • PX61
  • PX61-SSD
  • PX61-NVMe
  • PX91
  • PX91-SSD
  • PX121
  • PX121-SSD
  • DX-Line

  • DX141 (Dell R530)
  • DX151 (Dell R730)
  • DX291 (Dell R730)
  • SX-Line
  • SX61
  • SX131
  • SX291
  • Managed Servers
  • MX90
  • MX90-SSD
  • MX121
  • MX120-SSD
  • MX151-SSD
  • Previous Generations
  • AX10 (Cortex A15 + A7)
  • AX20 (Cortex A15 + A7)
  • AX30 (Cortex A15 + A7)
  • DX150 (R720)
  • DX290 (R720)
  • EQ4
  • EQ6
  • EQ8
  • EQ9
  • EQ10
  • EX4
  • EX4S
  • EX5
  • EX6
  • EX6S
  • EX8
  • EX8S
  • EX10
  • EX40
  • EX40-SSD
  • EX40-Hybrid
  • EX60
  • PX60
  • PX60-SSD
  • PX70
  • PX70-SSD
  • PX90
  • PX90-SSD
  • PX120
  • PX120-SSD
  • SX60
  • SX130
  • SX290
  • XS13
  • XS29

The following products are still under review and may be added to the affected list if new information regarding the used CPUs of these models are published:
  • DS3000
  • DS5000
  • DS7000
  • DS8000
  • DS9000
  • PX80
  • AX50-SSD
  • AX60-SSD
  • AX160-NVMe
  • AX160-SSD

New Dedicated Root Server ++ Hetzner Cloud beta-test ++ New image ++ New TLDs

1. New AX160 Dedicated Root Server

Experience high-performance!
We are introducing our latest dedicated root server, which is specially built for the newest CPU generation from AMD: EPYC. This CPU will impress you with its multi-tasking performance. AMD's EPYC 7410P, with its 24 cores and simultaneous multi-threading, makes it ideal for applications involving virtualization and high-performance computing.

The basic configuration of the AX160 includes not only two speedy 960 GB data center NVMe SSDs. It also has 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, which can be extended to up to 512 GB.

This new dedicated root server is available for a mere € 169.00 a month plus a once-off setup fee of € 169.00.

For a full overview of all features, please see:
All prices are excl. VAT.

2. Hetzner Cloud is coming soon!
Test the beta version!

We will soon be presenting our own Cloud, which we have been developing so that we may offer you more dynamic IT solutions.

Therefore, we are giving all Robot customers an exclusive opportunity: the chance to take part in our beta-test and try out the Cloud for free. We would love to hear your suggestions, recommendations, and general feedback. You can write to us at support-cloud@hetzner.de until November 30th. And, by taking part, you'll also be entered into a lottery to win a high-quality tablet. We will notify the winner in writing.

Customers who already have existing Robot accounts may participate. If you would like to take part, simply use your login information to sign in at console.hetzner.cloud.

You can find more information on the Robot administration interface.

Your reactions and recommendations will help ensure that the official release for the basic version of Hetzner Cloud will go flawlessly. Moreover, you can tell us what additional features you would like to see in the Cloud in the future. In addition, the Cloud has its own API; the documentation for this is available at docs.hetzner.cloud.

Thank you very much in advance for participating!

3. New image
New image for your dedicated root server or vServer: Debian 9.2

The second update for Debian, version 9.2, is now available for you to install on your dedicated root server or vServer. The newest version includes updated packages, applications, and software of all sorts. Furthermore, version 9.2 also includes security updates.

Learn more at: www.debian.org/News/2017/20171007.en.html

4. New TLDs
More top level domains available!

Starting now, there are more very interesting top level domains (TLDs) available on Hetzner Online's administration interface konsoleH:
  • € 20.92 per year: .games
  • € 32.77 per year: .cn
  • € 32.77 per year: .com.cn
  • € 32.77 per year: .express
  • € 32.77 per year: .net.cn
  • € 32.77 per year: .org.cn
  • € 503.36 per year: .game
For an overview of all currently available domains, please see:

New account management + Total external bandwidth increased + New data center naming scheme

1. Account management
New Hetzner account management interface
In the first half of October, we plan to introduce a new account management interface for your Robot account: Hetzner Account. This will allow you to view and edit your account information, like your postal address, email address, and payment options, from one central and easy-to-use location.
The first time you log into the Robot administration interface after Hetzner Account's implementation, you will immediately be redirected to Hetzner Account. After you enter your username and password, you will find yourself, as usual, on Robot.
We will use Hetzner Account for new Hetzner applications in the future, which will allow you to manage your master data and single sign-on. Furthermore, Hetzner Account will serve as a global authentication tool.
We will make a post on hetzner-status.de once we have a fixed date for the introduction of Hetzner Account.

2. Total external bandwidth
Total external bandwidth increased to 2.53 Tbit/s
Customers at Hetzner Online profit from our constant endeavors to increase our total external bandwidth. The following upstreams have either become operational or have increased:

  • 300G Telia
Private Peerings:
  • 240G Google
  • 20G Worldstream
  • 10G LWLcom
  • 10G myLoc
For an overview of all peering points, transits, and private peerings, please see: www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/rechenzentrum/

3. New PHP version
PHP 7.1 for webhosting accounts and managed servers
The newest version of PHP, version 7.1, is now available to customers with web hosting accounts and managed servers. We are providing it in parallel to existing PHP versions. Version 7.1 contains a variety of new features and bug fixes and is easy to find on the konsoleH administration interface.
To see an overview of all available versions of PHP, please see: testen.de/

4. New images
CentOS 7.4 and openSUSE 42.3
Starting now, you can install an upgraded version of CentOS or the updated version of openSUSE onto your dedicated root server or vServer via our Installimage script and VNC.
In addition to updates for many cryptographic libraries, CentOS 7.4 also includes numerous software packages that have been edited, upgraded, or are completely new.
OpenSSH has been updated to Version 7.4 and, therefore, no longer supports SSH1.
You can find the CentOS 7.4 release notes here:
The openSUSE 42.3 release includes the Linux kernel, packages, applications and software of all sorts.
You can read more about the changes for the new openSUSE here:

5. New data center naming scheme
New data center naming scheme
Since we as a company are growing, as are the number of our data centers, we want to unify the way we name our data centers, which is why we're introducing a new naming scheme.
To find detailed information on the new naming scheme, please see:

6. Willkommen im Internet
«Willkommen im Internet» event — video recap
To celebrate our 20th anniversary, we held a two-day event at our data center park in Falkenstein/Vogtland, Germany. The highlight of the festivities was an open-air concert with Christina Stürmer.
You can watch a recap video with most memorable moments of the event on our YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zbLS12Yr_I

We hope you enjoy watching it!

Специальное предложение к 20-летию Hetzner

Мы рады поблагодарить клиентов за доверие, оказываемое нам на протяжении 20 лет и убираем плату за установку для выделенных серверов линеек EX и AX, а также для Managed серверов линейки MX. На юбилейной распродаже можно сэкономить до 147,75 €!

Останавливала плата за установку? Берите сейчас без неё. Предложение действительно в августе 2017!

Hetzner Online получил премию Reader’s Choice Hosting Award 2017

В рамках саммита Hosting & Service Provider во Франкфурте Hetzner Online был награжден премией Reader's Choice Hosting Award 2017. Премия включала 10 различных категорий. Читатели девяти IT-порталов, принадлежащих Vogel IT-Medien, и онлайн-портал webhostlist.de выбрали тех хостинг-провайдеров, которые им больше всего понравились в каждой категории. Благодаря таким клиентам, как вы, Hetzner Online был признан лучшим в категории «VPS / vServer» и был награжден премией «Platinum» (первое место).

новый выделенный сервер EX51-SSD-GPU

Hetzner Online представляет новый выделенный сервер с видеокартой — EX51-SSD- GPU! GeForce GTX 1080 обладает параллельной архитектурой и может выполнять разные процессы одновременно и эффективно. В результате общая производительность значительно увеличивается. Также сервер содержит мощный четырёхядерный процессор Intel® Core i7-6700, построенный на архитектуре Skylake, 64 ГБ оперативной памяти DDR4 и два 500 ГБ 6 Гбит/с SSD.

Выделенный сервер EX51-SSD-GPU идеально подходит для любых приложений, требующих обработки больших объёмов графических данных, особенно картинок и видео. Другие области применения могут касаться анализа больших данных, обработки данных пользователей и сложных технологий шифрования. В сервере имеется достаточно ресурсов для задач машинного обучения, а также для широкого круга научных и индустриальных исследований.

Сервер доступен всего за 116,92 € в месяц и одноразовую плату за установку в 116,92 €.

Обзор всех особенностей сервера находится на странице