Join the AWS Webinar Series - December

AWS Webinar Series — December
The AWS Webinar Series is a selection of live online presentations that cover a broad range of topics at varying technical levels. These webinars feature technical sessions led by AWS solutions architects and engineers, live demonstrations, customer examples, and Q&A with AWS experts.

Take a 45-minutes tour through our broad range of products with Jeff Barr
Dive deeper into the economics of the cloud and learn how a customer gained real-time visibility into instance cost and usage to reduce spending
Build serverless backends using AWS Lambda and Amazon API Gateway
Continuous Delivery with Amazon EC2 Container Services
Introducing EC2 Dedicated Host, a physical server with EC2 instance capacity fully dedicated to your use, helps you save money on licensing costs and meet compliance requirements
Learn the difference and similarity of Amazon Aurora to traditional databases and how it can deliver up to 5x MySQL performance on similar hardware
Learn schema design best practices with DynamoDB across multiple use cases, including gaming, AdTech, IoT, and others
Mobile: Enable cross-device syncing of application-related user data with Amazon Cognito Sync
Security: Identify security issues in the applications you run on AWS, using Amazon Inspector
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Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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