Ultimate privacy: Anonymous Remote Workstation [Pre-order]

Greetings from yohost.org!
We have exciting news here. We understand how important privacy issue in the today's world and we decided to give a new life to such an overlooked service as Anonymous Remote Workstation. We are about to start mass offering it shortly and because you are (or used to be) an active client we can give you a very good offer in the beginning. But first things first…

What is ARW (anonymous remote workstation)?
This is a Windows installed server located within our private network. You can connect to it securely through Windows Remote Desktop and make your work like you do on your home/work PC. You will see the screen of your Desktop, you can install programs, browse Internet, check your emails, talk over Skype, download and stream at the truly high speed. If you have any confidential information you do not want anybody to get access to, ARW is the right thing for such purpose.

How secure is it?
ARW is located within our private network and access to it is restricted to certain IPs. You will be connecting through encrypted connection. And what is more exciting — all data on the ARW is encrypted making it impossible to gain access to your files even if somebody gain access to the server directly. This is ultimate security for your privacy!

How fast is it?
Insanely fast! 1 Gbit connection. 250Mbit guaranteed at any time from our side.

Is it expensive?
Not at the moment. Before we mass launch it, we can offer a limited amount of ARWs at extremely low cost — $50 per month for quarterly payments.

Interested? Pre-order now by replying to this message.
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