Extra 100Gbit AMS-IX uplink now connected
new Arista 7280R devices came in today

New server vendor almost ready for take-off Fujitsu

100G with NL-ix now connected

20G with Core-Backbone, 10G with Serverius, 10G with Hetzner and 10G with MyLoc now connected

New Airco unit has been installed

Extra 100G Telia now live! 300G Telia total now

TIS (Telecom Italia) now upgraded to 100G

Online.net upgrade to 100G finished

New LENOVO servers in stock again

100 new Fujitsu servers with Intel V6 series has arrived

Fujitsu Intel V6

Fujitsu servers already running

New Minkels corridor just arrived

1 Tbit/sec bandwidth usage on our network AS49981

270 new Fujitsu servers delivered

New 100G Cogent now live

New fiber optics just arrived for network upgrades. 100G 40G Growth

Extra 100G Cogent and extra 100G CoreBackbone connected. Oh, and 200 new servers arrived

30G Private peering with Numericable-SFR France up and running

Extra 400G TeliaCompany connected

10G Private peering with Fusix up and running

Provisioning a new location! LatAm

20G Private peering with LeaseWeb and 10G Private peering with M247 up and running
Extra 100G RETN connected

Greenhouse Datacenters 2 in Naaldwijk which will be operative Q2 2018

Extra 200G Level3/Centurylink connected
Extra 200G Core-Backbone and 100G PNI with CDN77/Datacamp/10gbps.io connected
Extra 100G AMS-IX added

received 2 brand new Arista 7280CR2K-60 as first company in the world

Extra 400G Cogent added
2Tbit/s peak traffic. Doubled our peak traffic in 4 months!

топик написал редакцией, чисто для истории, чтобы восполнить «прошлое» о компании
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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