InterWorx ★ Cloudlinux ★ Premium Softaculous ★ 2GB = 2GBP/year = 50%OFF

Our company Established in 2008 but we started provide hosting solution since 2013.
So we are here a while.
Our company background is stable enought.
We are a Hungarian company, but we provide support in HU and ENG language.

Support by:
-Online Chat
Our Stuff:

*We bought all licenses, so its owned.
-InterWorx Control panel (12 language)
-Premium Softaculous
-Cloudlinux security system (monthly license)

We use iliad datacenter (
Unlimited Traffic (fair usage 1-2TB is okay) — 1Gbit/s connection
Our Packages
*All package is the same just the storage space is different
-Unlimited addon domain, Unlimited subdomain, Unlimited email account, Unlimited ftp user, Unlimited mysql database

Our Prices:
Well at this time we offer plans for LET users at 50% OFF
Use coupon code: 50OFF
VAT include

Test pages: (joomla) (wordpress) (e-1017)
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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