new layer 7 DDOS Protection and AlwaysOn mode avaiable

We are proud to advertise that we're the first company with 4,2Tbps Volumetric Attacks mitigation capacity and we are now able to mitigate 200Gbps of layer 7 attacks. Our layer 7 protection is a Cloud with dedicated 600Ghz CPU Clock that is able to inspect packets payload up to 200Gbps.

In this first stage we're upgrading our filters to perform basic layer 7 mitigation protection on ALL DDoS protected services and we will release advanced layer 7 protection and WAF firewall very soon.

Our actual DDoS Protection (Sensor mode) can detect every attacks within 5 seconds. This is great for websites, voip and most games. With latest upgrade customers can now be able to add AlwaysON protection that detected and filter attacks instantly. This solution is perfect for Teamspeak and latency sensitive games and application and can be ordered, for every VPSPro and Dedicated Server plans from your customer area. Price for that solution is only 18€ each IP.

All orders form are updated and you can now order

Both Protection now included basic layer 7 protection and are daily updated.

All customers can now see dump of every received attacks. You can now download pcap file or use our online viewer to inspect any packets (payload, ttl, src ip, length and much more.

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If you have any enquiries or need information about our updated DDoS Protection please open a ticket to our SOC choosing DDoS SOC department.
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