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SeFlow Is Building a More Secure Network; First Global Content Provider to extend BGP Flowspec Capability for all customers for free MILAN, Sept. 12,2016 — SeFlow is happy to announce the deployment Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) Flowspec on its global backbone and whole Level 3 Network. The capability is one of the largest deployments in the industry, leveraging SeFlow and Level 3's more than 43 terabits of backbone capacity and protecting its peering points. BGP Flowspec allows for rapid threat mitigation across the Level 3 backbone, shutting down volumetric attacks and providing a more secure network for its customers.

This enhancement to SeFlow's suite of security solutions better provides responsive service capabilities for customers while at the same time helping to create a safer internet ecosystem. Enterprises need a DDoS mitigation service provider with the tools and expertise to fight these large-scale, potentially expensive attacks.

DDoS and threat detection is now immediate on the scrubbing points and will be mitigated before reaching SeFlow Milan location. This will ensure a free DDoS Mitigation on amplification attacks for all customers. In addition the Milan filters will be underloaded ensuring more powerfull layer 7 protection.

This new solution increase the mitigation capacity for flood attacks to 4,7Tbps ingestion capacity (prior was 4.2Tbps only for amplifications). Most of the attacks are now filtered from scrubbing point closest to the origin ensuring protection for most amplifications and know floods for all server inside SeFlow. DDoS Protected Customers will not see anymore amplification and flood attacks in their SeGuard Portal because we will ensure protection using the geo scrubbing point. For example if an attack will start from brazil, only south america customers will pass trought active filters leaving other customers to be free to reach your server evoiding too restrictive f ilters.

Milan location is now converted into full layer 7 protection ensuring more mitigation capacity on application attacks.

How It Works the Flowspecs feature:
  • BGP is the protocol all internet routers use to talk to each other.
  • BGP Flowspec uses the BGP protocol to distribute flow specification filters to network routers – if a threat is identified, the SeFlow DDoS infrastructure inputs a rule to block or deny traffic related to the threat by its source, destination and a number of other characteristics.
  • The malicious traffic is systematically and temporarily filtered off the network, blocking threats globally before they have time to form fully or scale and affect a customer.

Key Facts:
  • SeFlow has both the network architecture and skilled professionals in place to leverage this threat-fighting tool.
  • As a global network services provider, SeFlow has an expansive view of worldwide internet traffic and a broad view of threats
  • In an industry with so few qualified resources, SeFlow has security operations center professionals in five global locations trained to use this powerful tool.
  • BGP Flowspec is built into SeFlow and Level 3's Network for all customers in addition to existing worldwide anycast DDoS Mitigation Protection.

SeFlow Network Security is already active for all SeFlow Customers. Existing DDoS protection customers should see lower attacks rate reporting because SeFlow Network Security work silently avoiding any engagement mitigation time. This will ensure that, for most know attack, for latency sensible service, you will not have any interruption.

DDoS Mitigation prices still unchanged and new features are already in place without any additional configuration on customer services.

Feel free to contact us for details trought our ticket system to SOC department manage.seflow.it/index.php?/tickets/new/

All our service now include SeFlow Network Security service, check out our Dedicated server list seflow.net/2/index.php/en/services/baremetalserver/browseservers
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