Workload Intensive Cloud Servers: New Variants

Today, we're introducing two new types of Workload Intensive Cloud Servers completing our cloud server lineup:
  • 6 Xeon Cores with 15GB of RAM and 200GB of SSD for €24.99 per month
  • 8 Xeon Cores with 30GB of RAM and 400GB of SSD for €49.99 per month
Our Workload Intensive Cloud Servers now include variants with 15GB and 30GB of RAM starting at €24.99 per month:

These new server variants provide a viable alternative to our C2L server with increased per core performances, thanks to powerful Intel Xeon SoCs and DDR4 ECC memory.

As all our cloud servers, they benefit from unlimited transfer and you're billed by the hour up to a monthly cap of 500 hours.

With cloud servers ranging from 2GB to 120GB, you're now able to smoothly grow your projects with Scaleway.

Our Workload Intensive cloud servers are currently in preview in Paris. We should reach general availability in both Amsterdam and Paris in early March as planned.
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