Scaleway Is Growing Too Fast: Out of Stock

Today, we have a quite embarrassing news: we are near out of stock.
Since Scaleway’s launch, we have seen a great adoption of the C1 server. To allow more people to join the Scaleway adventure, we slashed the price of the C1 server by 70%. This was two month ago, and since then, our growth has been really amazing. We added as many servers as we could, racked new chassis and blades, but not fast enough to satisfy the demand. Today, we are near out of stock and our team is working with our supply chain to get enough C1 servers as soon as possible.

To avoid being completely out of stock for existing customers, we will stop accepting new customers today. Our existing customers will still be able to order new servers to grow with us.
New customers can join us by requesting an invite, directly from our website or through an existing customer.
When capacity allows, invites will be processed in a FIFO way: first people who request an invite will be the first to get access to the platform.

In the meantime, if you don't have an active account with us, we recommend renting servers from our mother company, They have a lot of excellent dedicated server, like the Dedibox SC backed by 2GB of ram and 500GB of SSHD drive for 5.99€/month.

We'll continue to add capacity as hardware comes in.

How can a cloud be out of stock?
This is a good question. Our job is to abstract physical ressources for you, to simplify your life as a developer, a sysadmin or as a manager (if you're into transforming CAPEX into OPEX). But behind this abstraction is a physicial reality, we need hardware to power all of this. Old fashionned cloud are solely based on virtual machines. We provide a server, called the C1, which our hardware team designs and produces in house.
In both cases, we need servers. It's a big challenge to produce these innovative servers in a short time and we are working with our supply chain to satisfy demand.

There is a lot to come, we're currently working on the next generations of hardware, the C2 and C3, and on improvements of our network design to provide more capacacity. It's exciting to see Scaleway growing as fast and you're going to love what's coming!

Stay tuned!
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