Hosting: you can now delete your database backups
Hosting: database dump import has been fixed
Hosting: prices display has been fixed in module section
Hosting: minimal Multisite cannot be deleted anymore
Hosting: OVH control token display has been improved in Multisite section
Hosting: you can now change OS for PHP execution
Domains: websiite wizard has been improved with some text to explain it
Domains: some new fields can now be edited in the owner's informations section
Domains: AllDom packs can now be ordered from Domains dashboard
Domains: glue creation have been improved
Domains: you now get an alert when you edit a non-used DNS zone
Emails: you can now delegate account management to another NIChandle
Exchange: typos have been fixed in feedback messages
Exchange: Vade Retro have been removed
Dedicated: "_" are now allowed in post-install script URL
Dedicated: partition mount point folder's name max length has been increased
General: contact change procedure has been simplified (direct link with token in confirmation email)
Domains: a bug occurring when uploading a document has been fixed
Domains: a wizard to help you set your website up has been created
Domains: you can now order an hosting platform with a module set up on it
Domains: OWO can now be activated AFTER the order process (you just have to validate specific contracts)
Domains: you will now know when your extension is not compatible with OWO
Hosting: main domain change have been improved
Hosting: you now receive an email when you SQL dump is done
Emails: a bug have been fixed on status display
Dedicated: a monitoring bug have been fixed
Domains: document upload in operations management have been improved
Domains: owner's birthday bug have been fixed
Hosting: you can now restore a DB (-1 day, -1 week) in one click
Hosting: logs link now supports SSO and uses https
Hosting: «Multisite» terminology have been unified
Billing: in some countries, you can make a transfer between your delayed account and your SEPA payment mean
Billing: payment means can now ben deleted
Domains: several improvemenbts on DNS management
Hosting: effective date is now displayed when creating a DB dump
Emails: the Manager now provides some help to configure you email client when you create an account
Emails: alerts on OVH infrastrucutre are now displayed to warn you when an incident could impact your service
IP: bugfixes on display when switching between products
Billing: bugfixes on hosting + domains resiliation
Domains: DNS edition have been improved
Hosting: associating a domain to an hosting plateform from hosting dashboard is now easier
Billing: you can now manage your domain + hosting service at once in renew section
Billing: some bugs have been fixed in renew section
Hosting: free hosting order has been simplified
Hosting: you can now change the main domain associated to the hosting service
Domains: operation management has been improved (accelerate, cancel, relaunch...)
Domains: DNS management unlock has been improved
Microsoft: brand new menu section, with all your MS products
Billing: you can now choose the direct debit day
Exchange: guides have been added to help you manager your ressources («Ressources» tab)
Email: bugfix on mailing list creation when selecting multiple options
Email: subscribers can now be deleting by uploading a file
Email: when adding multiple subscribers, wrong addresses are highlighted
Email: when using a new email service, a little help is provided to start
Over The Box: the service is now visible in «My services» section
Hosting: wildcard * can now be used as a subdomain for attached domains
Exchange: you can now know when an account is blocked for SPAM, and how to unblock it
Exchange: old Exchange services (2010) can now be renewed
Exchange: global ergonomy have been improved
Domains: when a domain is attached to an hosting service, the link between the 2 is now displayed ("+" tab)
My account: missing fields have been added
Hosting: you can now know if SSH is enabled on a FTP access
Domains: bugfixes on TTC when the zone is empty
Office: you can now change the password for a licence
Hosting: there is now an option to restore a database backup
Billing: a description can now be associated to a payment mean
Exchange: improvements on Outlook licence order
Billing: you can now know if your credit card is «3D secure» compliant
16 bugfixes
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