Your OneCloud Beta Request - Free Credit!

OneCloud™ is live!
We are pleased to announce the official launch of OneCloud™! Our brand new VM service is now built with SSDs exclusively, 1Gbps port speeds, and is operating on KVM-based virtualization, which means incredible speeds and full control across the board for all of your projects!

Existing customers will be familiar with OnePanel™, our exclusive management interface. For new comers, it is where the magic happens — manage your servers and locations, billing and support requests, monitoring and administrative tasks. With the launch of OneCloud™ we also bring you the OneCloud Manager v2. Upgrade your plan or change locations on the fly, and run every possible remote operation in just a few clicks, in a matter of seconds! As before, you can choose your desired location to create a node, but switch around at any moment!

Regarding the Beta trial
Since you have requested a BETA invite, and because we were unfortunately unable to provide everyone with an access, we would like to thank you with a little welcome gift. With any order of a OneCloud™ plan, an automatic $10 credit will be applied to your first order! This is applicable on any of our 10 plans, not just plan 02 that was available during the BETA phase!

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