Developer website, APIs and Customer Portal changes

Effective June 6, 2018, we will make changes to our Developer website, several documents as well as our Customer Portal. This will be done to improve the level of service we provide and keep our systems up to date. You can expect the impact to you to be limited.

  • New developer website.
  • There are new releases of several APIs, and you can now view the different versions of the documentation. We also released v2 of the IP Management API. You can now use additional search query filters to easily search for IPs.
  • Due to technical reasons, we are unable to provide v1 of Bare Metal API and v1 of IP Management API after June 6, 2018. If you are still an active user of the v1 APIs in our German data centers, you will need to transition before this time.
  • Unfortunately, we temporarily cannot provide you traffic/bandwidth notifications. As soon as this service is available in the Customer Portal, you will be notified.
  • To provide you with an easy and quick overview, we have redesigned our documents such as invoices and quotations.
  • The Customer Portal has new and changed features:
    • Your services reference number will change into a contract identifier number and this number will be in your contract and on your invoice.
    • Your old invoices will not be available in the Customer Portal. If you need them for reference, please save those documents before June 6, 2018. We will continue to send your invoices through emails.
    • Payments via the Customer Portal cannot be executed between June 1-6 2018.
    • New features that have been recently released in our Customer Portal to perform changes with hardware Raid settings, adding SSH keys, Post-install scripts, fixes in cancelling a pending/running job for a server, and more.
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