Hetzner Online Newsletter February 2018

Hetzner Online:
  • NEW: Hetzner Cloud
  • Price drop for traffic over-usage
  • Total external bandwidth increased

1. Hetzner Cloud
Hetzner Cloud's successful launch!
On 23 January 2018, we successfully launched all five of our Hetzner Cloud products to the world's web hosting market. Hetzner Cloud stands out from other cloud products with its amazing price-to-performance ratio. Our speedy and intuitive Cloud Console interface makes using the Hetzner Cloud a pleasure.

The entry-level model, the CX11, costs a mere €2.49 a month and includes 1 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 20 GB SSD and 20 TB of traffic. An overview of the complete Hetzner Cloud line-up is available at cloud.hetzner.com.

We have been very pleased with the reception for the Hetzner Cloud and would be thrilled to have you join in the fun. You can get an insider's view on Twitter of our operations at Hetzner Online and find news about Hetzner Cloud updates: twitter.com/hetzner_online
Price excl. VAT.

2. Traffic
Decrease in price for traffic over-usage
To coincide with the Cloud launch, we at Hetzner Online permanently dropped our traffic over-usage price to only €1.00 for each additional TB!
This new price applies to all Hetzner Online products, and long-time customers will benefit from it, too.
For further information on traffic, please see:
Price excl. VAT.

3. Drive upgrades
Drive upgrades for managed servers
Starting now, you can choose to replace the HDDs or SSDs in your managed server for an additional fee. We will perform a 1:1 transfer of the data from your old drive. The server will continue to run as normal after we have upgraded the drives without the need for a completely new setup.
For a full overview of prices, please see «Optional Features; Drive upgrade» at: www.hetzner.com/managed-server

4. New images
Arch Linux, Debian, and Ubuntu
Starting now, you find a completely new Arch Linux image, an updated version of Debian, and an improved version of Ubuntu for your dedicated root server or vServer. You can use the installimage script on the Robot administration interface to install the new versions.

Arch Linux is a flexible distribution and allows customers to easily make adjustments to fit their own specific requirements. Thanks to Arch Linux's rolling release model, there is always current software availabe to its users. For more information, please go to www.archlinux.org

Debian has been upgraded to versions 8.10 and 9.3. These new versions are not a completely new Debian, but rather are minor updates designed to address security loopholes and minor issues.

Ubuntu 17.10 builds upon Linux kernel 4.13 and includes support until July 2018. This release includes updates for packages, applications, and software of all kinds.

In addition to updates for virtualization software and cloud-init, ifupdown has been replaced by netplan with Ubuntu 17.10:

For further information on Ubuntu 17.10, please see:

5. Total external bandwidth
Total external bandwidth increased to 2.65 Tbit/s
Customers at Hetzner Online profit from our constant endeavors to increase our total external bandwidth. The following upstreams have recently been increased or have become operational:
Transit: 200G NTT
Peering Points: 20G FICIX
For an overview of all peering points, transits, and private peerings, please see: www.hetzner.com/unternehmen/rechenzentrum/
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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