February, 29 days, PHP 5.6 and 6 new promos

PHP 5.6 on Simple Hosting
The much anticipated update to PHP on our Simple Hosting platform is now available: PHP version 5.6 is here! Now PHP version 5.6 is the new default option for instance creation (PHP 5.4 can still be selected at creation). For those who already have a Simple Hosting instance using PHP 5.4, we have created a guide for migrating your instance from PHP 5.4 to PHP 5.6, available here:
wiki.gandi.net/en/tutorials/simple/php/migration. As of 22 March 2016, we will release an automatic upgrade feature for PHP 5.4/MySQL, which is by far the most common. Any other instance types using PHP will have to migrated manually. Also of note: the PHP 5.6 instance runs on a new system image based on Debian 8 (Jessie), in anticipation of new changes yet to come. Read full post about it here: www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-08/6962-php_5.6_now_available_on_simple_hosting/

PHP dependency manager “Composer” now available
Along with the upgrade to PHP 5.6, you can now also use Composer, PHP’s most popular dependency manager, to install your applications dependencies on Simple Hosting. For those unfamiliar with the concept, dependency management tools allow web developers to easily keep track of third-party code included within a project. Instead of having to manage the files and versions manually, these tools offer a simple way to list an application’s external dependencies and then take care of downloading, installing and including the correct files. Simple Hosting already supports dependency managers for Node.js, Python and Ruby instances using the “npm”, “pip” and “bundler” tools, respectively and now wit the addition of Composer to our PHP instances, we can now cover modern development workflows on all instances types. If you’re interested in learning more and getting started with Composer on Simple Hosting, check out the example project and documentation here: wiki.gandi.net/en/simple/instance/php#dependency_management

Price increase on .uk domains March 1st
Nominet is the registry for the United Kingdom's ccTLD .uk, which also includes .co.uk,.org.uk and .me.uk, all of which are currently available through Gandi. And they have officially announced a rate increase on the domains they offer for both creation and renewal. So, as we generally like to do before a rate increase like this, we would suggest that if you are the owner of a .uk domain (including of course .co.uk, .org.uk and .me.uk), that you renew it now if possible before the change takes effect. We recommend renewing for as many years as possible. Read more about price increase here: www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-01-06/6644-price_increase_on_.uk_domains_march_1st/

Gandi (re)fait le .Point
On 18 February starting at 8:30 AM (Paris time of course), at Le Tank, Paris 11 (a Parisien coworking space, near the Bastille Metro stop), Gandi will be holding the third annual “Gandi (re)fait le .Point.” conference. This is an event to which we invite our customers interested in learning the ins and outs of registering domains in the new batch of TLDs that have been rolling out over the past few years. This year in particular we are focusing on effective strategies to protect your brand without breaking your budget. There are still a few slots left so if you’re in Paris (or can be in Paris) on 18 February, sign up! For more information, check out our eventbrite page: www.eventbrite.fr/e/billets-gandi-refait-le-point-20698499770

Gandi notifications
We are currently in the midst of a complete overhaul of our messaging system. We’ll be upgrading our mailing system to a modern, 2016 mailing system, adding additional protocols and multiple recipients and will span our entire suite of products. As you can expect, it’s no small task, and while we aren’t able to roll out a whole new system quite yet, we want to give some of you a sneak peak at what’s in store: we have now added notification by SMS message to our IaaS (Gandi Server) crediting system so that now, when your Server approaches the point where it will run out of credits, the notification can be delivered via text message. As new notification options roll out (including this one), you’ll be able to manage those preferences from the “Messages” tab of your Gandi account. If you’d like more information, as always, the most extensive documentation available is found in our wiki.

New release calendar
  • Wednesday 10 February: .kyoto (GoLive)
  • Thursday 11 February: .bet (Landrush)
  • Tuesday 16 February: .cloud (GoLive)
  • Monday 22 February: .信息 (.xn--vuq861b, “info, knowledge, message”) (Sunrise)
  • Tuesday 23 February: .pet (GoLive)
  • Wednesday 24 February: .mom (Sunrise)

Promo Round-up
New Promos
Here are a few we’re starting this month:
.PINK & .RED — €2.00 until 14 February. www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-01/6830-say_i_love_you_with_a_.pink_and_.red/
.SKI & .BIO — 50%-off until 14 February. www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-01/6827-half-price_on_.ski_and_.bio/
.EU — €6.00 until 29 February www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-01/6869-half-price_on_.eu_domains_this_february/
.GLOBAL — 70%-off until 29 February. www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-01/6872-a_.global_promotion_for_february/
.PW — €1.00 until 29 February. www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-01/6875-get_a_new_.pw_this_february_for_99_cents/
.CLICK & .LINK — 65%-off until 30 June, www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-02-03/6926-this_spring_.click_and_.link_are_on_sale/
.XYZ — €1.00 until February 29 www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-01-21/6776-one_dollar_per_year_per_.xyz/
.DESIGN — 50%-off until 15 February www.gandi.net/news/en/2016-01-01/6458-half-off_on_.design_domains_until_february_15/
.IRISH — €14.00 until 29 February. www.gandi.net/news/en/2015-12-20/5780-.irish_are_on_sale_this_fall_extended/
For a full list of promotions, check out this page: www.gandi.net/news/tag/en/promos_tld
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