DigitalOcean to charge 15% service tax to India customers

Moving forward, charges on your invoices—including this month’s invoice—will increase due to a new ruling by the Government of India. We know this a sudden change so we want to help you with this month’s invoice and aid you in updating your account information

First, if are a business with a Sevice Tax ID, we ask that you enter it into the Service Tax ID form on the Billing page.

The new ruling has determined that the Service Tax of 15% is applicable to cloud services including DigitalOcean starting December 1 (this month) for any account with a tax location in India. You will see this increase reflected on your next invoice on January 1, 2017--unless you are a business entity that has inputted their Service Tax ID. You can read more about the ruling, Service Tax IDs for businesses, and details in our FAQs.

We know this is sudden and want to help you adjust. Therefore, we are adding a credit to this month’s invoice to offset the 15% increase. You will see the 15% credit added to your January 1, 2017 invoice.

Please see our Support page for further questions and screenshots on how to update your Service Tax ID. As always, we are here to help.

Sincerely, Team DigitalOcean
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