January Domain SALE and System updates


Our technical team has released the following new features this week:
  • Wiki — a place where our technical team will add detailed technical documentation and tutorials. Also our HTTP API documentation is moved there.
  • HTTP API methods for Parked DNS zones — Register, Get Templates, Get Settings and Modify Settings
  • HTTP API method for Mail forwards statistics — you can see how much mail forwards you have and what is the limit of your account
  • HTTP API method for DNS zone information — you can get zone information, like status, type (master or slave), is it forward or reverse, is it a cloud domain and which zone is its master
  • HTTP API method for DNS zone update — you can force the DNS zone to be updated on all DNS servers
  • Support of Ed25519 (4) encryption algorithm for SSHFP records
  • New Premium DNS Servers in France and India. Please contact our technical support, if you want to use these locations, but they are not listed in your control panel.

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