ClouDNS: Domain parking service

Today we release a new service included in all our plans — Domain parking. The parking service allows you to display simple web pages on your domain names. Contact form can be added optionally to the page.

The first version of the service includes four web templates:
  • ClouDNS Affiliate — Simple web page which displays the text «This domain name is registered for one of our clients.» and all links on the template point to your ClouDNS Affiliate link. Each new customer registered from your affiliate link will be linked to your account and you will receive lifetime commission for each payment made from this customer.
  • Coming soon — Web page with title and text which you can enter. It can be used for new domain names, where the web sites are not yet released by you.
  • Domain for sale — Template with simple text — is available for sale. It is a great choice with optional contact form, if you have domain names for sale.
  • Simple cloud — Clean template where you can add title and message.
  • All templates have an optional contact form, which can be enabled, if you want to receive messages from visitors of your parked domain name.

Parked domain zones can be registered the same way as you register the primary or secondary domain zones. With the parked domain zones you are able to:
  • configure title, description, keywords and contact form, which will be displayed on the chosen template
  • add TXT, SPF and MX records, if you need to use e-mail with the domain name
  • manage the SOA settings, if you want to configure custom e-mail or TTLs
  • use Mail forwards, if you don't have mail server, but want to receive e-mails sent to mail boxes with your domain name
  • add Cloud domains, if you need many domain names with the same settings and template
  • use DNS statistics for detailed information on how many DNS requests are sent for your domain name to our DNS servers
  • share the parked zone with your friends or coworkers

Please contact us, if you have any suggestions or recommendations for additional options, which you need for your parked zones.

ClouDNS Team

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