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C2: Insanely Affordable x86-64 Servers

Cloud Riders, we have some exciting news today: our new servers offers are now available! The C2 is now ready and at an insanely low price.
Let's go straight to the point, today we're launching the C2, our new BareMetal server, in 3 different variants starting at €11.99 per month or €0.024 per hour:

Like the C1, this price includes 50GB of SSD storage upgradable up to 1TB per server in a few clicks. For the first time on market, we're introducing next generation 2500Base-X networking as a standard feature with one 2500Base-X NIC on the C2S and two 2500Base-X NICs on the C2M and C2L, allowing for 5Gbit/s of internal bandwidth.
You can get up to 800Mbit/s of internet bandwidth with unlimited transfer, you won't get any bad surprise with bandwidth fees!

The C2 server has been designed in our HQ in Paris, it's based on Intel Avoton SoCs for a maximum of efficiency.

We're also introducing a new type of SSD on our C2L offer: Direct SSD. Direct SSDs (DSSD) are directly connected SSDs to the server through a SATA port to remove all bottlenecks. DSSDs are made for distributed database or data intensive applications. The C2L comes with 250GB of Direct SSD. Keep in mind that DSSD are tied to the physical server, they will be erased when you stop your server from the control panel.


Scaleway Is Growing Too Fast: Out of Stock

Today, we have a quite embarrassing news: we are near out of stock.
Since Scaleway’s launch, we have seen a great adoption of the C1 server. To allow more people to join the Scaleway adventure, we slashed the price of the C1 server by 70%. This was two month ago, and since then, our growth has been really amazing. We added as many servers as we could, racked new chassis and blades, but not fast enough to satisfy the demand. Today, we are near out of stock and our team is working with our supply chain to get enough C1 servers as soon as possible.

To avoid being completely out of stock for existing customers, we will stop accepting new customers today. Our existing customers will still be able to order new servers to grow with us.
New customers can join us by requesting an invite, directly from our website or through an existing customer.
When capacity allows, invites will be processed in a FIFO way: first people who request an invite will be the first to get access to the platform.

In the meantime, if you don't have an active account with us, we recommend renting servers from our mother company, Online.net. They have a lot of excellent dedicated server, like the Dedibox SC backed by 2GB of ram and 500GB of SSHD drive for 5.99€/month.

We'll continue to add capacity as hardware comes in.

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Slashing public cloud prices by 70 percent

Today, we're very excited to introduce a huge pricing change on the Scaleway services.

We believe that cloud computing is an amazing technology, where people should get flexible ressources for an affordable price. That's why today we decided to reduce the C1 price from €9.99 to €2.99.

In brief, the new pricing will result in the following changes:
  • C1 Server price goes from €9.99 to €2.99 (reduced by 70%)
  • Additional SSD volume price goes from €2 to €1 per 50GB (reduced by 50%)
  • Reserved IP goes from €1.99 to €0.99 (reduced by 50%)

Of course, all InstantApps from the ImageHub benefit of the price cut. It means that you can now get all the applications from the Hub starting at €2.99 per month. The ImageHub offers you a large choice of app from developer stack to ready to use applications like:
  • a Private VPN for €2.99 per month (reduced by 70%)
  • a Seedbox with 150GB of SSD for €4.99 per month (reduced by 65%)
  • a WordPress blog for €2.99 per month (reduced by 70%)

The new pricing is effective since the 1st of September, 2015 for all ressources and accounts.

Realtime billing, Redmine, Docker, Rails, Drupal and more

Manage your credentials with ease

To simplify the management of your credentials, you can now add a description to your tokens.
The description field lets you name your token to remember what the purpose of this token is. You will be able to react faster if one of your tokens leaks. Remember that your tokens provide full access to your account, protect them like your password! You can set the description of your existing tokens directly from your control panel.

New InstantApps that will save your time
We are pleased to announce Docker, Drupal, Redmine and the Ruby on Rails InstantApps, deploy yours!
Waiting for a specific application? Vote for the InstantApp your are waiting for. The vote system will enable us to accelerate the build of high demanded applications. If an application you are waiting for is not listed, you can ask for it on the community platform.

Introducing Real-Time Usage

Your usage are now updated in real-time! You now have a global overview of your current Scaleway services usage. This will help you manage your costs and prevent end of month bad surprises. You can access your invoices at any time in the billing section of your account.

Open source
At Scaleway we love open source and we would be happy to contribute to the success of your projet. If you think we can help you, drop us a line at opensource@scaleway.com

Vote for the InstantApps you love

Scaleway ImageHub, the InstantApps library is growing fast since Scaleway went live. A lot of InstantApps are released every month and join the ImageHub.

These InstantApps are community driven. When we launched the ImageHub, we decided to allow everyone to contribute and create their own InstantApps using our image build system. We get a lot of contribution on existing images and we'd love to thank you all! For those who would love learn how to create an image using our Docker based build system, you can check out our hello world image.

Today, we are excited to introduce the vote feature on the ImageHub. Everyone is now able to vote for the InstantApps they want. The future InstantApps will be determined by the ranking and by your vote!

If an InstantApps is not referenced in the Coming soon InstantApps list, ask for it on the community platform.
You can also share your vote with your friends to get your InstantApp on top of the list!

Happy Cloud Riding!