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Happy New Year with Online.net

Happy new year 2016!

Me and my teams wish you an excellent new year 2016 with many new projects and success on the Internet!

2015 was an exceptional year with the introduction of your favorite hosting company at the 5th position of the Largest Internet infrastructures TOP10, and still growing. (*)
Our web cloud hosting offers, Scaleway and our WOPR high-end servers had considerable success, thank you for trusting us!

We are investing significantly to open three new datacenters:
  • The extension of DC3 (12MW)
  • The opening of DC4 (8 MW)
  • And finally the mega datacenter DC5 (32MW), a former postal sorting office that we have just bought.
The three new datacenters will meet our growing needs until 2025 and will be certified, this year, with:
  • ISO-27001
  • Health data host (HDS)
  • Secret Defense (SD)

In the upcoming weeks we will completely renew our PERSO and START ranges. Including our Dedibox SC, after six years of loyal services.

See you soon at Online and have a Happy New Year!
Arnaud de Bermingham
Chief Executive Officer

DC3 - Datacenter complet - Travaux d'extension


Le datacenter DC3 est depuis quelques jours complet.

Nous engageons d'importants travaux d'extension du datacenter du mois de Janvier 2016 à fin Avril 2016 afin d'en doubler la capacité.
Deux nouvelles salles haute densité seront construites pour un total de 2300m2 et 4MW pour répondre à la croissance sur 10-12 mois.
La capacité de refroidissement sera également doublée, de même que la distribution HQ.

En attendant, pour assurer la continuité de nos stocks, la livraison des nouvelles machines sera répartie de la manière suivante:
— Dedibox SC, XC, Classic, LT -> Livraison au datacenter DC2 dans des nouvelles salles (Principalement salle 101)
— Dedibox ST12/ST48/ST72, PRO, ENT, mWOPR, WOPR, Extreme -> Livraison au datacenter DC3 en salle 3-5
— Dedirack et Dedirack XL -> Livraison à DC2 suivant les disponibilités

Concernant les stocks:
— Dedibox SC/XC: Les disponibilités seront limitées jusqu'au 20-25 Janvier
— Dedibox Classic: Retour à la normale en Février avec de gros volumes
— Dedibox MD SSD: Retour à la normale sous 7-10 jours
— Dedibox ST12: Retour à la normale sous 5-8 jours

Nous recherchons dès à présent un 5ème datacenter (DC5) pour assurer la croissance 2017-2025


Our DC3 datacenter is now full.

We start in few days huge construction works between January 2016 to April 2016 to add more capacity.
Two new IT room in high density will be build for 2300m2 new surface and 4MW of capacity to answer to our growing for the next 10-12 months.

In order to continue our deliveries, we will deliver the following servers in DC2 and DC:
— Dedibox SC, XC, Classic, LT -> DC2 datacenter in 101 room
— Dedibox ST12/ST48/ST72, PRO, ENT, mWOPR, WOPR, Extreme -> DC3 room 3-5
— Dedirack et Dedirack XL -> DC2

Concerning stocks:
— Dedibox SC/XC: Limited quantities until January 20th
— Dedibox Classic: Back to normal in February
— Dedibox MD SSD: Back to normal in 7-10 days
— Dedibox ST12: Back to normal in 5-8 days

We are looking for our 5th datacenter (DC5) for our 2017-2025 growing capacity.