A10 DDoS Mitigation now available

A10 DDoS Mitigation now available!

In a world where high availability and quality services are key factor to success, we are proud to announce WorldStream now offers DDoS protection. We now offer free protection for all servers in our network against attacks up to 5Gbit/s. The WorldStream DDoS-Shield is built with several A10 Thunder TPS appliances, located in multiple locations to prevent from service disruptions during attacks up to 750 Gbit/s with a detection time of maximum 5 seconds.

WorldStream can now offer you a complete solution against any attack pointed to your services. No matter if it is a webserver, gameserver or streaming service, we can protect everything. If you need more protection capacity or information, please visit the following page: www.worldstream.nl/ddos-shield Please note further development and implementations will be performed in the next weeks. The CustomerPanel will include more information on attacks and graphs will be available soon.

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