New Dedicated Root Server ++ Hetzner Cloud beta-test ++ New image ++ New TLDs

1. New AX160 Dedicated Root Server

Experience high-performance!
We are introducing our latest dedicated root server, which is specially built for the newest CPU generation from AMD: EPYC. This CPU will impress you with its multi-tasking performance. AMD's EPYC 7410P, with its 24 cores and simultaneous multi-threading, makes it ideal for applications involving virtualization and high-performance computing.

The basic configuration of the AX160 includes not only two speedy 960 GB data center NVMe SSDs. It also has 128 GB DDR4 ECC RAM, which can be extended to up to 512 GB.

This new dedicated root server is available for a mere € 169.00 a month plus a once-off setup fee of € 169.00.

For a full overview of all features, please see:
All prices are excl. VAT.

2. Hetzner Cloud is coming soon!
Test the beta version!

We will soon be presenting our own Cloud, which we have been developing so that we may offer you more dynamic IT solutions.

Therefore, we are giving all Robot customers an exclusive opportunity: the chance to take part in our beta-test and try out the Cloud for free. We would love to hear your suggestions, recommendations, and general feedback. You can write to us at until November 30th. And, by taking part, you'll also be entered into a lottery to win a high-quality tablet. We will notify the winner in writing.

Customers who already have existing Robot accounts may participate. If you would like to take part, simply use your login information to sign in at

You can find more information on the Robot administration interface.

Your reactions and recommendations will help ensure that the official release for the basic version of Hetzner Cloud will go flawlessly. Moreover, you can tell us what additional features you would like to see in the Cloud in the future. In addition, the Cloud has its own API; the documentation for this is available at

Thank you very much in advance for participating!

3. New image
New image for your dedicated root server or vServer: Debian 9.2

The second update for Debian, version 9.2, is now available for you to install on your dedicated root server or vServer. The newest version includes updated packages, applications, and software of all sorts. Furthermore, version 9.2 also includes security updates.

Learn more at:

4. New TLDs
More top level domains available!

Starting now, there are more very interesting top level domains (TLDs) available on Hetzner Online's administration interface konsoleH:
  • € 20.92 per year: .games
  • € 32.77 per year: .cn
  • € 32.77 per year:
  • € 32.77 per year: .express
  • € 32.77 per year:
  • € 32.77 per year:
  • € 503.36 per year: .game
For an overview of all currently available domains, please see:
Выделенные серверы OVH
Выделенные серверы Hetzner

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