CheapWindowsVPS Now Requires Whitelisting for SMTP (Port 25)

CheapWindowsVPS Now Requires Whitelisting for SMTP (Port 25)
CheapWindowsVPS has implemented a new policy concerning port 25 on your VPS. For users that need port 25 open on their VPS, we require that you open a support request in order for your server to be whitelisted.

CheapWindowsVPS is committed to fighting spam. We've adjusted our policies accordingly to fight abuse. We apologize for any inconvenience that this may cause you. It is imperative to note that we have implemented this policy immediately.

The Impact of Blocking Port 25
If you do not use your VPS for email services, this change in our service will not impact you. If you have a VPS that runs scripts, you will likely need port 25 opened in order for your script to function properly.

Others may be hosting some sort of SMTP server; please note that your script or email server may not function until your servers have been whitelisted. Getting on our port 25 whitelist is easy.

Simply login to our website to submit a support request or contact our live support agents on the live chat feature. Tell us that you'd like to have port 25 opened on your VPS. Our support team will quickly whitelist your VPS in order to accommodate your request.

Why Has CheapWindowsVPS Taken the Whitelist Approach?
Our number 1 priority is our customers. By protecting the integrity of our service, we can continue to provide our clients with the best possible VPS services in the world. CheapWindowsVPS is rapidly establishing a name for itself within the VPS community and we want to thank you for your continued patronage of our service.

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