Announcing the new AWS Cloud9

On July 14, 2016, we shared the news of Cloud9’s acquisition by Amazon Web Services. Since then, we have been working diligently, together with our AWS colleagues, toward a new and exciting offering. Today, we’re excited to announce the general availability of AWS Cloud9.

AWS Cloud9 combines’s most popular features with new capabilities enabled by AWS. The Cloud9 back-end is now re-built using Amazon EC2, AWS CloudFormation, and AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM). As a result, Cloud9 is more powerful, flexible, and secure than ever. Cloud9 development environments can now run on EC2 instances. This gives you the flexibility to manage instance sizes, run Docker, and install additional softwares because you have full control over the EC2 instance. Additionally, the managed EC2 instances comes with a pre-authenticated AWS CLI (Command Line Interface), giving you easy access to AWS services.

Those of you who are excited about serverless architectures will be glad to know that AWS Cloud9 makes it easy to write, run, and debug AWS Lambda functions. With Cloud9, you can create a new Lambda function in just a few clicks. Also, Cloud9 enables you to edit, run, and debug Lambda functions locally. This eliminates the need to upload your code to the Lambda console for debugging. When you are ready, deploy to Lambda using a single click from inside the IDE.

As part of this release, AWS Cloud9 also integrates with AWS CodeStar. AWS CodeStar provides a continuous delivery (CD) toolchain to your application. This enables you to release code faster on AWS. AWS CodeStar sets up everything you need to build, test, and deploy your application to AWS, and now allows you to set up your CD toolchain and include a Cloud9 environment.

We are truly excited about this release and we hope you are too. We appreciate the trust you’ve placed in Cloud9 over the years. Thanks so much, and stay tuned for more great things to come. And, as always, Happy Coding!

Sincerely, Ruben Daniels
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