BHS Datacenter Incident: November 2

On Monday November 2, 2015, the BHS datacenter suffered a new network problem impacting all BHS Datacenter customers. This incident was similar to 5 months ago, when 3 pairs of our optical fibers were cut between Beauharnois and Montreal on the North route.

Two years ago, we began adding redundancy on the 103 KMs of fiber on the South loop. Since then, there have been long delays concerning this project, bringing the time of completion to 24 months instead of the planned 12. Work was finished this week and only in response to the urgency of the situation. We forced the installation of the new South fiber optic line, thereby reducing the duration of downtime of the public network from 10 hours and 51 minutes to 4 hours and 55 minutes.

Now, the datacenter is connected in total redundancy by the North loop and the South loop. We have 5 directions: 2 towards New York, 1 towards Chicago and 2 towards Montreal.

Three years after starting the project, we are continuing the work on improving the 2nd route towards New York where all that remains is to solder the optic fiber at the Canada/USA border. Negotiations are underway to connect Toronto and Detroit, MI.

Here is what our dark fiber and DWDM network connecting BHS looks like:

We own:
— 4x10 Gbps between BHS and Montreal via the North loop
— 4x10 Gbps between BHS and Montreal via the South loop
— 6x100 Gbps towards New York/Newark via the South loop
We rent:
— 10x10 Gbps towards Chicago via South loop
— 20x10 Gbps towards Newark via the North loop
— 4x10 Gbps towards London (through Canada) via South loop
— 4x10 Gbps towards Paris (through USA) via the North loop

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